370 Raglan Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z1, Canada

I haven't been to your shop before, can you provide a quote on repair work I think I need?

 Due to our vehicle repair and servicing model, we do not offer a service where we quote repair work before first seeing the vehicle.

Even if the vehicle repair work has been diagnosed or recommended by other shops, or by the owners themselves.  We have found in the past that this can lead to unnecessary repairs, wasting both time and finances. Therefore, before quoting any work we require an inspection of the vehicle in question. This can alleviate concerns about repairing the vehicle properly and spending your money more effectively.  Previous body damage, previous improperly performed repair work, corrosion, and aftermarket accessories can all affect a quote. Without seeing the vehicle first we can’t provide our clients with an informed quote.

During certain times of the year, we do not take on new clients in order to maintain our service quality with our returning loyal clients.

  We are a facility that puts your safety and satisfaction on the road above our own profitability.  Repairing the important things first or letting you know that those previously quoted repairs aren’t needed is how we choose to run our business.