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The poor quality filter on the left was removed after only a 5000km interval from mercedes SL550 and the one on the right was pulled after 15000kms, which would you have rather had installed, considering the customer had the service done elsewhere and spent the same amount on the filter

Availability of 

Adblue DEF

Engine Oil 229.5 229.52

Transmission Fluid

air Filters

Cabin Filters

level sensors

air suspension

light bulbs 

ABC fluid hydraulic suspension

radar sensors (lane change)



xenon HID bulbs

brake fluid DOT 4




Fleece oil filters were designed for extended service intervals with full synthetic oils. They are more rigid, don’t loosen up with time.

 On most models Mercedes uses a replaceable oil filter cartridge and not the common spin on type filter, as a result the cartridge must fit into the filter housing correctly.  Inexpensive poor quality paper filters often fall out of the filter housing during an oil change when they should still fit tightly enough to only be twisted off.

 If it has a large pore size or tears more solids will continue to circulate in the engine and increase wear.  Mercedes-Benz engines can easily last several hundred thousand kms with very little wear; provided the maintenance is done on schedule and with approved parts and specified fluids.  Often many premature engine failures can be traced to poor maintenance at one point in the engine life.