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Carbon cleaning is performed port-by-port, with the engine rotated so that the corresponding intake valves are closed. This ensures that no debris fall into the combustion chamber, and all carbon deposits can be carefully collected.


While the benefits of direct-injection are well documented and worth the added level of hardware and software complexity, there is an inherent downside to completely eliminating port injection. Direct-injected engines from Audi particularly early 2.0T FSI , 4.2L FSI, and 5.2L FSI versions - are prone to carbon buildup in the intake ports and on the intake valves, which over time becomes severely detrimental to engine performance and efficiency. These deposits worsen over time, inhibiting airflow, and can even break off and fall into the intake tract, where they can cause damage to the valves and internals.

Collingwood Fine Cars is proud to offer industry-leading Carbon Cleaning Services for engines featuring direct-injection technology.  Carbon Cleaning Services are designed to effectively remove carbon deposits and buildup from the intake ports and intake valves, and restore lost power and efficiency.