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We use Prema tire patch plug combination repair kits, this costs extra due to the increased time required. The quick cheap temporary fix done by some tire shops is unsafe.  To plug-patch a tire properly the wheel is removed from the car, the tire is de-mounted and inspected for interior damage.  Then if repairable is repaired from the inside.

These plug-patches are Reliable and long-lasting: Prema tire patch plugs provide a reliable and long-lasting repair that can last for the life of the tire. The patch and plug work together to create a strong, airtight seal that can withstand the rigors of everyday driving.

Overall, Prema tire patch plugs are considered to be the best option for repairing punctured tires because they provide a durable and reliable repair that can restore the tire's integrity and performance while ensuring safe driving.

The rope plug inserts are a temporary measure to be used until the tire can be properly repaired in a full service facility.

Rope plug tire repair is a method of repairing punctured tires by inserting a cylindrical piece of rubber material called a plug into the hole or puncture in the tire. This method of tire repair has been used for many years, but it is no longer considered an approved long-term fix for several reasons:

Safety concerns: Rope plug tire repair is not a permanent solution and does not address the underlying damage to the tire. The plug does not seal the inner liner of the tire, which can allow moisture and debris to enter the tire and cause further damage. Additionally, the plug can shift or come loose over time, which can cause loss of air pressure or even a blowout.

Performance issues: A rope plug tire repair can affect the tire's performance, particularly its ability to maintain proper inflation pressure. A plug can create a weak spot in the tire and cause it to flex and deform under load, which can lead to uneven wear, reduced handling, and reduced fuel efficiency.

Liability concerns: Many tire manufacturers and automotive associations have stopped recommending rope plug tire repair due to liability concerns. If a tire fails due to a rope plug repair, the repair shop and the person who installed the plug could be held liable for any damage or injury that results.

As a result of these concerns, many tire manufacturers and automotive associations now recommend that punctured tires be repaired using a patch and plug method, which involves removing the tire from the wheel and repairing the puncture from the inside with a patch and a plug. This method provides a more permanent and reliable repair and addresses the underlying damage to the tire.