370 Raglan Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z1, Canada

Drivers in Collingwood, Ontario should use winter tires for several reasons. The town and surrounding area experience harsh winter weather conditions that can create dangerous driving conditions, including snow, ice, slush, and freezing temperatures. Here are some reasons why winter tires are important in Collingwood:

Improved Traction: Winter tires are designed with a special tread pattern and rubber compound that provides a better grip on snow and ice-covered roads. The tread pattern includes more grooves and biting edges that help to increase traction, which can help drivers maintain control of their vehicle in slippery conditions.

Shorter Stopping Distance: Winter tires can help to reduce the distance required to stop a vehicle on snow or ice-covered roads. The softer rubber compound used in winter tires stays more pliable in cold temperatures, allowing the tire to maintain better contact with the road surface and grip better during braking.

Better Handling: Winter tires provide improved handling in cold weather, helping drivers maintain control of their vehicles in slippery conditions. The softer rubber compound of winter tires allows them to stay flexible in cold temperatures, which helps to improve steering response and vehicle handling.

Legal Requirement: In Canada, winter tires are required by law on some highways and roads during the winter months. Failing to have appropriate winter tires can result in fines and penalties.

Overall, using winter tires in Collingwood is crucial for safe and reliable driving during the winter months. They provide better traction, shorter stopping distance, improved handling, and compliance with legal and Insurance requirements, making them an essential investment for anyone driving in the area during the winter season.

The S6 below tried to navigate a local roundabout without Winter tires. The damage far surpassed the cost of winter tires along with the rental vehicle and tow required