370 Raglan Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z1, Canada

   We have set up this business to serve the local community, We are not set up as a destination facility as are the OEM dealers.  They are set up for clients that need to drive for hours to have their vehicles repaired. Unfortunately, we do not have that capacity.

       During certain times of the year, we do not take on new clients in order to maintain our service quality with our returning loyal clients.

We have a small office with no waiting area, please have a ride available as our building is open to employees only and there are no outdoor waiting areas. For your convenience, You can also drop the vehicle off the night before by placing the keys in our drop box, after hours for pick-up we also have a lock box to retrieve keys. We realize this is an inconvenience to some of our clients.  Due to the nature and complexity of the vehicles we work on things can take more time than some can imagine. Your car may not get into the shop immediately when you drop it off as the vehicle before you may be taking extra time or waiting on parts delivery,  Feeling rushed is not how we want anyone to feel. Especially if it has to do with something as important as your vehicle and its safety.