370 Raglan Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z1, Canada

How long will the repair/inspection take?

 At this time, we are extremely busy, we require the vehicle to be dropped off and left with us for the whole day when scheduled.  We will contact you to discuss any findings,  this allows us to take our time and do the job properly.


How do I drop off my vehicle and keys?

 Please park your vehicle appropriately on the lot we make every reasonable effort to leave parking spots open but sometimes overnight vehicles are towed in or dropped off and left in unusual spots, please bear with us.


There is a key drop slot in the rear of the building(during business hours as well), please follow the signs and place keys in the pull-out slot. no envelopes please(they jam the drop for everyone afterward), we have your information and your appointment and know that your keys will only open your vehicle.


We will contact you and set up a time for pick up and how to get your vehicle's keys, please do not show up unannounced as the vehicle will not be ready.


New client looking to make an appointment?

 Please note we are currently only taking on Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Porsche vehicles

We do not perform free dealer warranty repairs or free prepaid services offered by dealers. We can however perform some of these at our regular fee.

Please fill out our online form for new client submissions, reading our policies at the top of the form.



Why do you need previous service information?

 We realize all clients are different and have differing views on maintenance and repairs, we are a shop that takes pride in our work and the cars we work on.

As all shops and sales operations are also different we require this service information/history to properly gauge how well the vehicle has been serviced and its condition before proceeding with an appointment, if the proper service records from a dealer or specialty shop are not available, we now require an initial inspection fee of up to a few hours to look over the vehicle and give you a proper outlook on the vehicle in question before proceeding with any work.  This saves us as well as you in the long run from unneeded repairs and costs.  We view your vehicle as an investment and want to make sure you make informed decisions on repairs based on the overall condition.


Can I wait?

 Unfortunately, our waiting areas are closed, please have a ride available as our building is open to employees only and there are no outdoor waiting areas. You can also drop the vehicle off the night before by placing the keys in our drop box, after hours for pick-up we also have a lock box to retrieve keys. We realize this is an inconvenience to our clients but due to the nature and complexity of the vehicles we work on things can take more time than some can imagine. Your car may not get into the shop immediately when you show up as the vehicle before you may be taking extra time. We also need to manage parts arriving, with parts delivery these days parts can arrive throughout the day, with previously diagnosed vehicles waiting for them. Feeling rushed is not how we want anyone to feel. Especially if it has to do with something as important as your safety.


Can you provide a quote for a new client without having the vehicle?

 Due to our vehicle repair and servicing model we do not offer a service where we quote repair work before first seeing the vehicle.

Even if the vehicle repair work has been diagnosed or recommended by other shops, or by the owners themselves.  We have found in the past that this can lead to unnecessary repairs, wasting both time and finances. Therefore, before quoting any work we require an inspection of the vehicle in question. This can alleviate concerns about repairing the vehicle properly and spending your money more effectively.  Previous body damage, previous improperly performed repair work, corrosion and aftermarket accessories can all affect a quote. Without seeing the vehicle first we can’t provide our clients with an informed quote.

  We are a facility that puts your safety and satisfaction on the road above our own profitability.  Repairing the important things first or letting you know that those previously quoted repairs aren’t needed is how we choose to run our business.