Thank you for contacting us. Please note we are extremely busy and are currently only taking on Mercedes-Benz, Audi and Porsche vehicles.

We only perform basic repairs and servicing on BMW-branded(2018 or newer BMW) vehicles.

We are no longer taking on new to us MINI/VW-branded or older BMW(pre-2018) vehicles that  have not previously been serviced at CFC by the current owner.

      We are a small specialist shop with limited space so we are currently only taking on clients who plan on continuing to do all their work with us or the manufacturer's dealer. We try to build long-term relationships with our clients, sell/store tires, and perform oil changes, maintenance, alignments, and diagnostics. Basically everything other than warranty work that the dealer provides.

     We also understand that some clients like to bounce from shop to shop,  one shop for oil changes, one for tires, another for diagnostics etc. We kindly acknowledge that we are likely not the shop for you.

      During certain times of the year, we do not take on new clients in order to maintain our service quality with our returning loyal clients. Usually during our busiest seasons of spring and fall.

      Please note we are only currently accepting clients residing within 15 minutes of the shop, We need your ability to have your vehicles dropped off and left with us for the day during the appointment(no matter the scope of the job), we take our time and it's not something that can be rushed, we are only taking on local clients as we are too small to be a destination repair shop.

We do not perform free dealer warranty repairs including recalls or free prepaid services offered by dealers. We can however perform this maintenance at our regular fee.

We have set up this information/questionnaire to help you decide if we are the right repair facility for you and your vehicle.

     We need to know where the vehicle has been previously serviced (preferably by a dealer or European specialty shop), a recent repair invoice copy may be required,  if this information is unavailable as you have recently purchased the vehicle please let us know. Service/Maintenance information includes oil changes, tire work, etc. basically anything that we do that you previously have done elsewhere.



370 Raglan Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z1, Canada