We see a lot of cars that have been to multiple shops and the clients are annoyed at having spent considerable amounts of time and money and the problem is still present. Some electrical repairs are very difficult as water and salt are a main contributor,  some clients are very surprised that very expensive computers are housed below their feet and collect all of the snow and slush from your boots.

Our philosophy as a business is to make a profit but beyond that we understand that although a real problem car may take us more time than we can bill given a client budget or the value to the car doesn’t warrant it, we will still put the effort to find a solution given the time necessary. Regardless, in many cases we have sorted out difficult repair issues that a dealer wrote off.  With accurate but time consuming diagnosis and sometimes the use of reclaimed parts we can perform the repair more cost effectively. If you are a new client or an existing client we will take the time to sort out your vehicles issues.  We do this because we are trying to establish great relationships with our clients that will span over more than one vehicle ownership.

If the amount of work approaches the total value it’s not always a reason to get rid of a car, work can be prioritized over time and the repair cost averaged. Any car has an expense as new cars depreciate faster or the dollar amount is larger per year. They also need maintenance and repairs, brakes, tires and services as do older cars and these costs are similar. If you use the car regularly repair costs will be there regardless, update your car when new model has features you prefer and your budget permits.

We find powertrain repairs at higher mileage are more common due to lack of maintenance. At lower mileage they are more common due to defective components, although not common, where poor maintenance at lower mileage would be more of a factor later. 


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