How much does an oil change cost?

With the varying vehicle models we work on, we cannot effectively quote what parts and services are required for each individual vehicle without first seeing that vehicle. There are differing amounts of oil, other fluids and labour times required when servicing every vehicle. We will start with an inspection and oil change (if due by indicator).  We will not perform any additional work without your authorization,  if any additional filters or services are required we will quote those out to you along with anything else we note during the inspection before moving forward. We want you to feel comfortable coming to our shop and we want to be transparent about everything your vehicle requires. If your vehicle requires a repair due to a safety concern, our feeling is that we should let you know before doing all of the other work. This gives our clients a better picture of the condition of the vehicle and cost required to properly maintain it. Servicing this way can allow our clients to prioritize repairs before having already spent their money.

The cost of a basic oil change/inspection service ranges from between $200 for 4 cylinder Gasoline models to above $400 plus hst for some performance models or diesels requiring more oil, multiple oil filters, drain plugs or adblue. When deciding between an independant repair facility over a dealer please consider supporting a family-run business in your local community.

Maintenance History: Regular maintenance is essential to keep a car in good condition. If previous owners neglected to perform routine maintenance or used low-quality parts, the vehicle may require more extensive servicing to bring it up to standard.

Quality of Parts and Service: The quality of the parts and service used during maintenance and repair can also affect the service needs of a German car. Using high-quality OEM (original equipment manufacturer) or equivalent parts and trained technicians can ensure that the vehicle is properly serviced and reduce the risk of future problems.


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