370 Raglan Street, Collingwood, ON L9Y 3Z1, Canada

Throughout the pandemic, we have noticed that when we have the vehicles left with us for repairs that all vehicles going through the shop are maintained at a higher standard.  Due to staffing conditions and employee welfare, we will likely adapt and keep some of our current policies in the future.

 During certain times of the year, we do not take on new clients in order to maintain our service quality with our returning loyal clients.

We are a small specialist shop that works on higher-end vehicles. Usually, vehicles that the other shops aren’t able to repair or diagnose.

When all vehicles are left with us, we are able to look them over one at a time uninterrupted. It allows us to note things for you in the future. It allows us the possibility of repairing it that day or the next depending on parts availability rather than reassembling everything. It allows us to research different options for repairs and diagnosis.  It allows our clients to save money and saves everyone the aggravation and the fear of misdiagnosis.  


We are not magicians, (although it’s nice to be thought of that way) there are steps to diagnosing/maintaining repairing vehicles.  Those steps are set out by the OEM manufacturer’s engineers and the manufacturers' diagnostic procedures.  

We usually need to road-test vehicles extensively for noises in order to duplicate them before starting the diagnosis.  The manufacturer's scanners we use for almost everything are not lightning-fast.  They are simply a means to start the process.  Although you may not see the charges for all these steps on your bill, they are time-consuming and costly for us.  Something as easy as resetting a service/tpms indicator properly takes time. Setting the oil level properly on some cars requires a waiting time alone of up to an hour.


We understand that your time is important and that you need your vehicle. The same goes for us in order to take care of it for you.  We did not design these vehicles and with the advancing technology, all we ask of you is your patience. We also ask for your availability to leave your vehicle with us so that we can try our best to repair/maintain it.

How long will it take?