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some of the different wheel bolt seats found in vehicles we service

improper seat imprint on new rim

The "R" in R12, R13, and R14 refers to the radius or curvature of the seat on a wheel bolt and rim contact surface. The seat is part of the bolt that contacts the wheel and provides a secure fit between the wheel and the vehicle's hub.

Here's a brief explanation of the difference between R12, R13, and R14  seats found on Mercedes, Audi, and Porsche vehicles.

R12: The R12 radial seat has a radius of 12mm. It is commonly used on smaller wheels 

R13: The R13 radial seat has a radius of 13mm. It is a more common size and can be found on a wider range of vehicles.

R14: The R14 radial seat has a radius of 14mm. It is typically found on larger wheels and is used on some newer and high-performance vehicles.

It is important to use the correct seat for your specific vehicle and wheel combination. Using the wrong seat can lead to an improper fit, which can result in wheel balance and alignment issues, vibration, and even wheel failure. If you're unsure which radial or conical seat to use, you should consult your vehicle's owner's manual or speak with us. Don't think because someone charges you to put tires on your car that they know what they are doing

Safe and Secure Connection: The correct bolt seat ensures that the wheel is properly attached to the vehicle and provides a secure and stable connection. Using the wrong size or type of bolt seat can result in an improper fit, which can lead to wheel separation or other safety hazards.

Improved Handling: The correct bolt seat helps to ensure that the wheel is centered on the hub and provides a stable platform for the tire. This helps to improve handling and stability, especially at high speeds.

Reduced Stress on Tires and Wheels: The correct bolt seat helps to distribute the weight of the vehicle evenly across the tires, reducing stress on the tires and wheels. Using the wrong size or type of bolt seat can result in uneven stress on the tires, which can cause excessive wear and tear.

Enhanced Performance: The correct bolt seat is designed to provide a secure and stable connection that resists lateral movement, which is especially important for high-performance and racing applications.

Compliance with Standards: The correct bolt seat is designed to meet industry standards and safety requirements, ensuring that the vehicle is in compliance with regulations and that the wheels are compatible with the vehicle.

In conclusion, it is important to use the correct automotive wheel bolt seat to ensure a safe and secure connection, improved handling and performance, reduced stress on the tires and wheels, and compliance with industry standards and safety requirements.

Different wheel bolts and why it's important to only use someone who knows and cares.

Note the differing contact points and thus holding power. We compare the proper match(green arrows) to the much smaller contact points when radial seats are improperly mismatched (red arrows). We use marking chalk to see if the seat is making full contact.